Bronzing Lotion, Your Year-Long Must-Have!

Bronzing Lotion, Your Year-Long Must-Have!
You might be looking for a body sunless tanner that you can use all year long no matter your skin tone? NUDA Babes love the Self Tanning Lotion for that!

If you prefer a deeper and streak-free fake tan that is easy to apply with no mistakes, we always recommend the Self Tanning Mousses as it contains a bronzer to help you apply the product easily.

On the other hand, if you feel confident in your self tanning skills and want an ultra-hydrating option that you can mix with your Body Cream or apply directly on your body without worrying about transfers, opt for the Self Tanning Lotion!


This lotion is enriched with anti-aging sodium hyaluronate and vitamin C to leave your skin feeling smooth and bronzed AND hydrated. Amazing, right? Also, it’s bronzer-free so you don’t have to worry about transfers on clothing or sheets after applying it and it’s discreet. You could then choose to apply in the morning and go on with your life the rest of the day!

1. The most standard way to apply it is to put Body Cream on dryer areas of your body and then apply the Self Tanning Lotion one area of the body at a time and by making sure to wash your hands at the end since you are not applying the lotion with an application mitt.

2. The other way we love so much is to mix the Self Tanning Lotion with the Body Cream to make a more subtle and gradual tan or to extend or boost a tan you already have. Put more lotion for a deeper tan and less of it for a subtle tan and look naturally tan.
*Extra tip: Add our Self Tanning Serum made with hyaluronic acid to your routine in order to have a gradual and subtle tan on your face too! Use it as tanning drops for a subtle glow!

Shop our Self Tanning Lotion here and enjoy your future tan!

If you would prefer to have a more visible tan, streak-free and easier to apply, we would recommend to use the Self Tanning Mousses. Why? As they contain a bronzer to help you apply to product more easily. 

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