The Perfect Self Tan Routine For Pale Skin

The Perfect Self Tan Routine For Pale Skin
Having pale skin might make you want to jump into the self tan world without looking back! Or maybe you are scared of the result and you don’t know where to start? Here is our best advice for pale skin Nuda Babes who don’t know where to start with their sunless tanning options and are in need of a sun-kissed glow!
*Secret: Did you know both our founders have very pale skins and look flawless by using the following tips?

Hyaluronic Self Tanning Serum
Without surprise, the first option we recommend for pale skins for tanning your face is definitely our Hyaluronic Self Tanning Serum. You can apply only a few drops and already feel better about your glow!

Face Tan Water
At some point, we are pretty sure you will become confident about how self tanners suit you and you will want a deeper tan! Then, try out our Face Tan Water - Original for a deeper tan and natural glow.


Self Tanning Lotion + Body Cream
By mixing your Body Cream with your Self Tanning Lotion, you will be able to build your fake tan gradually without a shock! (Yes, we know how it is when you have pale skin and feel bronzed for the first time)! Plus, your skin will be moisturized and feel smooth.

Self Tanning Mousse - Medium
If you don't feel you are a tanning expert yet and want a product that is easy to apply and streak free for a body application but that will also suit your pale skin tone, opt for the Mousse! The Medium shade of this bronzing mousse has been created for pale skin tones like yours! It fits all skin types, even sensitive skin, and you will fall in love with the mango fragrance and skin-loving ingredients of this product! It is made to be used with a tanning mitt, which will avoid a mess on your hands!

To find out which shade is best for you, do our small quiz Find Your Glow. 

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